Open vSwitch uses Patchwork to track the status of patches sent to the ovs-dev mailing list. The Open vSwitch Patchwork instance can be found on The pwclientrc file, required for pwclient, can be found on the project page

Patchwork provides a number of useful features for developers working on Open vSwitch:

  • Tracking the lifecycle of patches (accepted, rejected, under-review, ...)
  • Assigning reviewers (delegates) to patches
  • Downloading/applying patches via the web UI or the XML-RPC API (see pwclient)
  • A usable UI for viewing patch discussions


The pwclient tool provides an way to download and apply patches, change the state of patches in Patchwork, and more. You can download pwclient from here. Once downloaded, run:

$ pwclient help

to get more information about the functionality pwclient provides.